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Looking for Investors for Your Startup Business?
Are you trying to raise capital for your startup business? Do you have an investment opportunity that meets the criteria of Third Coast Angels, LLC (TCA)?  If so, we want to hear from you! Simply review the Eligibility Checklist below, and if you meet all prerequisites, fill out the Company Overview and submit. A TCA business investor will contact you if we are interested in further discussion.

Investment Eligibility Checklist
Before submitting your request to our dinner investment club, please take a minute to review these questions. If you answer “yes” to all, your startup business is eligible to submit an investment request.

  • Is your business focused on new technologies in the high-tech, bio-tech or green-tech industry?
  • Does your company operate within the Midwest or East Coast in one of the following states: WI, IA, IL, MI, MN, OH, IN, CT, PA, NC or VT?
  • Does your startup business have a proven and strong leadership team?
  • Does your startup business have a competitive advantage within your core business?
  • Is your market size $150 million or more?
  • Have you established an exit strategy/liquidity plan to implement in the next five years?
Investment Request Company Overview
If you would like TCA to consider your startup business for investment, please complete and submit the form below.

FORM: Request an Investment

 Note: ALL FIELDS must be completed to submit your request.

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Summary of Business and
Product/Service Offerings
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Management Team/Credentials
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Key Business Accomplishments
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Main Problem Product/Service
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Plan for Profitability
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How Will Capital be Used?
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